Mad Rat Vol 1 This Is How We Roll
  • Mad Rat Vol 1 This Is How We Roll
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Mad Rat Vol 1 This Is How We RollĀ 

There's a whole wealth of original rockin songs on Mad Rats brand new release to discover. Jacen Bruce and The Memphis Underground has provided the track Hook Line and Sinker, my lovely wife Alison wrote the lyrics to the song, it's always a thrill to colaborate on new material, Alison has co-written four of the tracks on my upcoming album Young Man With The Big Beat

01. Be There When I Call - Lew Lewis & The Twilight Trio
02. Snake Skin Cadilac - Greggi G & The Crazy Gang
03. Lolipop Lipstick Red - RG & His Honeybees
04. Rather Be Dead - Bobcats
05. If I Tried A Little Bit Harder - Country Cattin
06. Cafe Racer - The Coydogs
07. Nothing Happened Today - The Zoltans
08. Louisiana Playboy - Dynamite Horton
09. Keep On Moving - The Hustlers
10. Sorry To Say - The River Boys
11. What No Lonesome Train - The Rat Pack
12. For My Love - The Hapmasters
13. Blue Moon, Black Night, Red Lights - The Doggone Honkabillies
14. Paula - The Stingrays
15. Gypsy Queen - The Itchy Feet Trio ft Craig Burford
16. Hook Line & Sinker - Jacen Bruce & The Memphis Underground
17. Lonesome Drifter - The Lonesome Valley Boys
18. Red Dress - The Leopard Trio
19. Hey Judge - The Hicksville Bombers
20. You're Gonna Be Sorry - Unforgiven

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