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Hand Signed Limited Edition E.P CD
  • Hand Signed Limited Edition E.P CD
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(Incl Free album download plus P+P ) Jacen Bruce 1) Advent Angel 2) Santa in Disguise 3) Me and My Baby on Christmas Eve 4) Christmas and New Year 5) Christmas Time in Lapland Lana 6) Jive With Me (Last Night) 7) Magic Mistletoe "Advent Angel" This years brand new six track limited edition Christmas E.P. The retro vinyl style CD comes in a white card slip case. Limited to just 50, each numbered and hand signed. Featuring Jacen's five festive singles and two from Lana including her rockin track "Jive With Me".

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I Can't Stand Still: CD
  • I Can't Stand Still: CD

I Can't Stand Still: CD

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I Can’t Stand Still is dedicated to the memory of my hero Elvis Presley. Elvis passed away on my 11th birthday, the 16th of August 1977; he has had a profound impact on my life. When I was five years old I was given my parents’ record player and their Elvis records, I couldn’t stop playing the King Creole album and a few years later discovered The Sun Sessions. This was the start my love of Elvis’ music and his work has had a major influence on my own songwriting.

R.I.P. Elvis Presley. January 8, 1935 – August 16, 1977.

I Can’t Stand Still. There were two interviews in the 50s where Elvis Presley talks about rock ‘n’ roll and how he can’t stand still and I’ve used these quotes in the song, meaning that the lyrics are, in effect, written by Elvis. His sentiment and the words were perfect for a brand new rock ‘n’ roll song and so I wrote the music to accompany them.

The lyrics for I Can’t Stand Still are taken from following interviews:

The Truth About Me: August 29, 1956. Hollywood, California.

Elvis Sails: September 22, 1958. Brooklyn Army Terminal.

Many thanks to all the musicians involved. It has been a great privilege to work with you all.

If it Hadn’t Been for Love, Jumping from 6 to 6 and Mother of Lies were recorded live at Blue Barn Studios on November 5, 2016 by Chris Taylor with the Memphis Underground band: Craig Fillbrook lead guitar, Donny Brown double bass, Rob Watson drums and David Hartley on pedal steel. Many thanks to you all for an excellent job with your playing and co-producing of the tracks.

To Bernie Keith, thank you for your continued support and for playing my music on your BBC Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven radio show.

Rich Young, this is the fifth album you’ve worked on with me. As always, an amazing job throughout, many thanks mate, very much appreciated.

Jacen Bruce: Vocals on all tracks. Backing vocals 2,6,7,11. Acoustic guitar on all tracks. John Stannard: Lead guitar 3,12. Craig Fillbrook: Lead guitar 1,2,5,6,7,9,10. Tim Slater: Lead guitar 4,8,11. David Hartley: Pedal steel 5,9,10. Len Black: Drums/percussion 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,11,12. Kurt Replais: Double bass 2,4,6,7,11. Adam Miles: Double bass 3,12. Bill Martin: Double bass 1. Donny Brown: Double bass 5,9,10. Rich Young: Piano 7. Mouth organ 4,11. Lana Bruce: Backing vocals 6. Romy Gensale: Vocals 11. Swervy World: Saxophone 1,11.

Tracks 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,11,12. Recorded at Sunningdale Lodge and Phaff Studios. Produced and arranged by Jacen Bruce and Rich Young. Mixed and mastered by Rich Young. Tracks 5,9,10. Recorded at Blue Barn Studios by Chris Taylor. Produced and arranged by Jacen Bruce, Craig Fillbrook, Rob Watson, David Hartley and Rob Watson. Cover artwork by Vince Ray. Album artwork and design by Steve Gilmour.

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Honey In Honolulu CD Digi-pak includes P + P: CD
  • Honey In Honolulu CD Digi-pak includes P + P: CD
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Released on 27/08/16 Good feel, country rock, with a good measure of Hawaiian themed love songs.

Preview tracks here

1 Pin-Up Girl (2.34) Jacen Bruce 2 Valentine Baby (2.48) Jacen Bruce 3 Come With Me (2.42) Jacen Bruce 4 Seven Kisses (2.37) Jacen Bruce 5 Happy Tears (2.33) Jacen Bruce 6 Bewitched (3.10) Alison Bruce/Jacen Bruce Duet with Alison Bruce 7 Just Wanna Make You Mine ( ? ) Nik Lowe 8 The Calling (3.25) Alison Bruce/Jacen Bruce 9 Indigo Blue (3.13) Jacen Bruce 10 One Soul (2.39) Jacen Bruce 11 In My Way (3.32) Fred Wise/Ben Weisman 12 Honey In Honolulu (3.14) Jacen Bruce

Honey In Honolulu is dedicated to the memory of our great friend John Stannard. We worked together on stage and in the studio, not only on this project, but also on my daughter Lana’s debut album, Lana. R.I.P John Stannard. 14 March 1957 – 22 August 2015.

Special thanks to all the musicians; it’s been a great privilege to work with such a talented group of fine players. Pedal steel player David Hartley has added the finishing touches to the album; he worked extensively with John Stannard and has made a unique contribution. Thank you David.

Jacen Bruce: Vocals all tracks, Backing vocals 4,5,7,9,10, Acoustic guitar all tracks, Electric lead guitar tracks 2,3, Ukulele 7,11. John Stannard: Lead guitar tracks 5,8,9. Craig Fillbrook: Lead guitar 1. Tim Slater: Lead guitar 4,7, Spanish guitar 2, Lap steel 12. B J Cole: Pedal steel 6. David Hartley: Pedal steel 7,10,11. Len Black: Drums/percussion all tracks. Kurt Replais: Double bass all tracks. Rich Young: Piano 3,6,7,8, Pizzicato strings 5, Mouth organ 9. Lana Bruce: Backing vocals 4,8,12. Alison Bruce: Vocals 6. Andy Owen: Trumpet 2. Richard Partridge: Ukulele 12. Swervy World: Saxophone 1.

All tracks recorded at Sunningdale Lodge and Phaff Studios. Produced and arranged by Jacen Bruce and Rich Young. Mixed and mastered by Rich Young. Cover photo Gordon Ayres. Artwork and Design Steve Gilmour.

Honey In Honolulu Official video The Calling is the title track from the DC Gary Goodhew novel The Calling by Alison Bruce. Special Guest B.J. Cole pedal steel on Bewitched

Published 2016 Dial M. Copyright 2016 Dial M. The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Dial M / Jacen Bruce and Alison Bruce. Unauthorised hiring, copying, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. All rights reserved.

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Live One Night Only Limited Edition CD Very proud to announce"Live One Night Only" The Memphis Underground's brand new live album released at Cambridge's "Strawberry Fair" It's rockabilly journey from the 50s, to the Stray Cats plus our rockin original "Hook Line and Sinker" 01 Get Rhythm, 02 Blue Jean Baby 03 Double Talkin Baby, 04 Broken Heart 05 Hook Line and Sinker, 06 Built For Speed 07 Too Hip Gotta Go, 08 My One Desire 09 Number Nine, 10 Runaway Boys 11 Race With The Devil, 12 Mother of Lies 13 Baby Blue

Recorded live at The Kings Arms, Ely 08/05/16 Jacen Bruce vocals and guitar Craig Fillbrook Lead guitar and backing vocals Rob Watson Drums and backing vocals Donny Brown Double bass

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The Siren (signed second pressing)
  • The Siren (signed second pressing)
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14 original tracks including the single Johnny Cool Cat. 
Presented in a high quality digi-pack.
  01. Lovers' Lane
02. The Siren
03. Bring Me Back Home
04. Johnny Cool Cat
05. Dimple Whisky (Grandad John McGrath)
06. Let Him Try
07. Slap Bass
08. When Will I Hold You Again
09. Sitting Right Beside Me in the Dark
10. Casablanca
11. Hot Baby Lover
12. I'm Waiting
13. I Took Your Hand
14. No More Blue Moon to Sing
Full details on The Siren page:
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The Sun Album SOLD OUT
  • The Sun Album SOLD OUT
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Beautifully presented in a digi-pack with booklet.
18 Tracks : 

01. Baby Please Don’t Go
02. Mystery Train
03. Little Sister
04. Baby What You Want Me To Do
05. I’m Left, you’re Right, She’s Gone
06. As Long As I Have You
07. Baby Let’s Play House
08. Fool, Fool, Fool 
09. Twenty Flight Rock
10. Baby Blue
11. Rock Around With Ollie Vee
12. Don't Be Cruel
13. Endless Sleep
14. My One desire
15. Boom, Boom, Boom
16. Broken Heart 
17. Twenty-One Days In Jail 
18. You’re the Boss Duet with Alison Bruce

See the footage and the story of this special occassion:

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  • You Said SOLD OUT
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Six track EP featuring You Said and other tracks from the radio play 'Like I've Never Been Gone' by Alison Bruce.  In a jewel case with booklet :

  1. You Said
  2. Lonely Lonesome Man
  3. You're Hurtin' Me Now
  4. Send Me Away
  5. Last Night
  6. Sleazy Louise Blues, Duet featuring Sophie Garner
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  • Lana
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Beautifully presented in a digi-pack with booklet.

  1. Honey in Honolulu
  2. Big Yellow Taxi
  3. When Will I Hold You Again (duet with Jacen Bruce)
  4. Valerie
  5. Never Forget You
  6. I'm Yours
  7. Creepin In (duet with Jacen Bruce)
  8. These Boots Are Made For Walking
  9. Sitting Right Beside Me In The Dark
  10. Rotterdam
  11. Kiss Me
  12. Sunday Girl
  13. Jackson (duet with Jacen Bruce)
  14. You're in My Heart
    Full details on Lana's page:
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Mad Rat Vol 1 This Is How We Roll (Sold Out)
  • Mad Rat Vol 1 This Is How We Roll (Sold Out)
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Mad Rat Vol 1 This Is How We Roll 

There's a whole wealth of original rockin songs on Mad Rats brand new release to discover. Jacen Bruce and The Memphis Underground has provided the track Hook Line and Sinker, my lovely wife Alison wrote the lyrics to the song, it's always a thrill to colaborate on new material, Alison has co-written four of the tracks on my upcoming album Young Man With The Big Beat

01. Be There When I Call - Lew Lewis & The Twilight Trio
02. Snake Skin Cadilac - Greggi G & The Crazy Gang
03. Lolipop Lipstick Red - RG & His Honeybees
04. Rather Be Dead - Bobcats
05. If I Tried A Little Bit Harder - Country Cattin
06. Cafe Racer - The Coydogs
07. Nothing Happened Today - The Zoltans
08. Louisiana Playboy - Dynamite Horton
09. Keep On Moving - The Hustlers
10. Sorry To Say - The River Boys
11. What No Lonesome Train - The Rat Pack
12. For My Love - The Hapmasters
13. Blue Moon, Black Night, Red Lights - The Doggone Honkabillies
14. Paula - The Stingrays
15. Gypsy Queen - The Itchy Feet Trio ft Craig Burford
16. Hook Line & Sinker - Jacen Bruce & The Memphis Underground
17. Lonesome Drifter - The Lonesome Valley Boys
18. Red Dress - The Leopard Trio
19. Hey Judge - The Hicksville Bombers
20. You're Gonna Be Sorry - Unforgiven

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