Honey In Honolulu SOLD OUT CD Digi-pak includes P + P: CD
  • Honey In Honolulu SOLD OUT CD Digi-pak includes P + P: CD
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Released on 27/08/16 Good feel, country rock, with a good measure of Hawaiian themed love songs.

Preview tracks here http://www.jacenbruce.com/download-albums

1 Pin-Up Girl (2.34) Jacen Bruce 2 Valentine Baby (2.48) Jacen Bruce 3 Come With Me (2.42) Jacen Bruce 4 Seven Kisses (2.37) Jacen Bruce 5 Happy Tears (2.33) Jacen Bruce 6 Bewitched (3.10) Alison Bruce/Jacen Bruce Duet with Alison Bruce 7 Just Wanna Make You Mine ( ? ) Nik Lowe 8 The Calling (3.25) Alison Bruce/Jacen Bruce 9 Indigo Blue (3.13) Jacen Bruce 10 One Soul (2.39) Jacen Bruce 11 In My Way (3.32) Fred Wise/Ben Weisman 12 Honey In Honolulu (3.14) Jacen Bruce

Honey In Honolulu is dedicated to the memory of our great friend John Stannard. We worked together on stage and in the studio, not only on this project, but also on my daughter Lana’s debut album, Lana. R.I.P John Stannard. 14 March 1957 – 22 August 2015.

Special thanks to all the musicians; it’s been a great privilege to work with such a talented group of fine players. Pedal steel player David Hartley has added the finishing touches to the album; he worked extensively with John Stannard and has made a unique contribution. Thank you David.

Jacen Bruce: Vocals all tracks, Backing vocals 4,5,7,9,10, Acoustic guitar all tracks, Electric lead guitar tracks 2,3, Ukulele 7,11. John Stannard: Lead guitar tracks 5,8,9. Craig Fillbrook: Lead guitar 1. Tim Slater: Lead guitar 4,7, Spanish guitar 2, Lap steel 12. B J Cole: Pedal steel 6. David Hartley: Pedal steel 7,10,11. Len Black: Drums/percussion all tracks. Kurt Replais: Double bass all tracks. Rich Young: Piano 3,6,7,8, Pizzicato strings 5, Mouth organ 9. Lana Bruce: Backing vocals 4,8,12. Alison Bruce: Vocals 6. Andy Owen: Trumpet 2. Richard Partridge: Ukulele 12. Swervy World: Saxophone 1.

All tracks recorded at Sunningdale Lodge and Phaff Studios. Produced and arranged by Jacen Bruce and Rich Young. Mixed and mastered by Rich Young. Cover photo Gordon Ayres. Artwork and Design Steve Gilmour.

Honey In Honolulu Official video http://www.jacenbruce.com/videos-shorts The Calling is the title track from the DC Gary Goodhew novel The Calling by Alison Bruce. Special Guest B.J. Cole pedal steel on Bewitched

Published 2016 Dial M. Copyright 2016 Dial M. The copyright in this sound recording and artwork is owned by Dial M / Jacen Bruce and Alison Bruce. Unauthorised hiring, copying, lending, public performance and broadcasting prohibited. All rights reserved.

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